UPDATE: Feb 26th, 2019 2020 Democrat presidential candidates Senators Kamala Harris (CA), Bernie Sanders (VT), Cory Booker (NJ), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), Amy Klobuchar (MN), and Elizabeth Warren (MA) all voted “NO” on bill that would have required doctors to provide proper degree of care to babies born alive after attempted abortion.

2020 Democrats Push Left

The Democrat Party has been drifting leftward for over a century.

 Woodrow Wilson allowed private central bankers to take over the money supply. That’s an important plank in the “Communist Manifesto.” The progressive income tax that came with the Federal Reserve is another plank.

 Franklin Roosevelt pushed us further into socialism. So did LBJ with his big government ‘Great Society’ programs.

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The Clintons arrived and began to dismantle our country. Jobs were sent overseas and the middle class declined. Nowadays most millennials can’t afford a home and the American dream. This makes them more susceptible to the socialist siren song.

The Skull & Bones Bushes started wars and ushered in open borders globalism. Under the red diaper baby Obama, the destruction of the USA picked up the pace with government controlled healthcare. 

The Democrat Party is now openly moving lockstep toward outright socialism. Bernie Sanders is a communist masquerading as a socialist and ‘independent.’ If he does not run for the Democrat nomination, then he’ll run as third party candidate.

This would effectively end the Democrat’s chances for the presidency.

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 The rest of the candidates are unabashed socialists calling for open borders and ‘free stuff.’ Joe Biden might not be as far left as the others, but he’s very old and, well, creepy. It’s unlikely that he’ll gain much momentum. 

This brings me to Hillary Clinton. She will most likely run again and claim to be a traditional, reasonable, and ‘centrist’ sort of Democrat. She has plenty of money and she’ll be seen as the wise voice of common sense. What she still represents of course is Deep State globalism and corruption. She’ll continue Obama’s destruction of America.

The Democrats will not win the presidency with their promises of ‘free stuff.’ Thinking people know it leads to destruction. Our Republic stands for freedom and individual rights. Socialism takes liberty away. If the Democrats want to push their party over the cliff of socialism, we will gladly wave goodbye. 

As President Trump stated in his State of the Union Address, “America is not a socialist country.”

—Ben Garrison

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