Ben Garrison’s Historic Political Art now available to collectors!
Cartoon published in 2018.

What people are saying:

“Ben Garrison has rightly emerged as one of the finest and most influential political artists of the 21st century.”

“Ben Garrison is a National Treasure”
“Ben Garrison isn’t left or right, he’s Americana”

“Ben Garrison has an uncanny ability to distill complex ideas into one high impact cartoon that touches millions”

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, A Ben Garrison cartoon is worth a million”

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Each Ben Garrison Cartoon captures a political moment in time. Will it become a historic moment? We can’t say. Only history will tell.
Will the market value soar over time?  We can’t say. Only the capricious art market will tell.


Meshing American culture and  Politics in one of a kind Art work

Size: 24″ wide by 19″ tall

Medium: Ink on smooth press bristol board

Certificate of Authenticity included

Bonus: Comes with signed color print!

Shipped Priority Mail in a large heavy duty mailer for protection

Original Art may have small differences from final published version which makes the original unique and more valuable!



CNN’s Jim Acosta said he “feared for his life” at the recent Tampa Trump rally. Then photos surfaced of the happy Trump supporters taking selfies with “Little Jimmy”.

Whoops! Caught in another Fake News lie, Jimmy?

Didn’t Mommy always say to report the truth?


Little Jimmy Acosta,

crying in his pasta.

Ashes, ashes..

CNN Sucks!

Whitehouse correspondent Little Jimmy Acosta complained to Whitehouse Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about Trump calling fake news the enemy of the American people.

Sarah then gave Little Jimmy an adult sized wedgie by reminding him that she and her family have been attacked and chased out of public restaurants by unhinged lefties egged on by his network CNN.

Cry baby, cry

Stick your Fake News in your eye-

You’re old enough to know better.

Cry Jimmy Cry.