Socialism, The Millennial Fly Trap

Cartoon by Tina, Post by Ian Garrison

My male liberal friend is your typical Bernie Sanders supporter. He also happens to be a millennial. Why millennials worship Bernie Sanders is because of three things: entitlement, envy, and equality. These three E’s have ruined my generation. (as someone who was born in 1990, I know very well how millennials behave and act).

Let’s start with entitlement. My male liberal friend, whom I won’t name, is extremely entitled even though his lifestyle suggests a C- in the grade book of life. But by god, he deserves that A+ because he said so.

Liberals, especially the ones that reside in Seattle, love their Bernie. He’s their man, their savior, someone who will rescue them from a terrible lifestyle made of their own choice. They think they are entitled to a comfortable life. (Something that is harder and harder to achieve these days)

But instead of working for it and actually applying their brain cells, they would rather smoke weed, drink beer, and point at the rich guy and scream, “I deserve that!” Well my male liberal friend, if you want to be that rich guy, you’re going to have to work hard, but not only that, work smart—globalism has opened the gates of fierce world competition, where everyone is pitted against each other to become “that rich guy” in their passion.

But nah bro, that’s too hard they say. Often enough, you will get the typical liberal response: “It’s because they’re racists, misogynists, sexist!” These liberal millennial types just want to sit back in the game of life—because that’s what they really think life is, a game, where cheat codes can be applied at any second.

Someone just has to come along and invent that cheat code. And that’s exactly how they view Bernie Sanders as, a big giant cheat code that can be applied in life, however miserable, bland, and empty that life may be. So here comes big Bernie Sanders spewing entitlement and equality for all, smearing his words with a congealment of envious and pretentious slime. Why? It’s because we humans still act on emotion. It’s far easier to rile up people with emotions. Being successful this day and age requires logic, belief, and sacrifice. Many choose to not be successful because it’s hard.

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This is also why it is so much easier to place your entire life in someone else’s hands (Bernie Sanders) who is selling you a dream life in the form of entitlement. (You deserve a college education, so poof! It’s free! You are entitled to free health care because you are a special person. Free weed? Absolutely!) This attitude, this poorly disguised cheat code, will only bring you harm. You will never learn about yourself, what you are made out of, and do what it takes to achieve those honorable characteristics, but rather learn how to be manipulated, shorn, abused, and thrown away.

Tell me, Bernie Sanders supporter, what will you do when you find out you are diagnosed with a myriad of health issues blossomed by your marijuana usage, only to find out that you need to wait several years for your “free healthcare?” It may be fatal. But who cares? Wait your turn. It’s free. Stop complaining. Why are you so entitled?

Ah envy, an emotion that should knock us into fifth gear so we can achieve and enjoy the same fruits of labor enjoyed by the successful. But not for our male liberal millennial friends! Don’t get me started now… for it’s because of this emotion that our liberal friends stall out and crash and burn. Being envious of someone is normal. Using envy to sit back and complain isn’t.

How ironic is it that all liberals play the moral high ground and virtue signal at every turn, yet stall out and shriek and call everything and everyone “racist, sexist, misogynist!”? Liberals don’t try. They never even do. Yet they are saturated with envy. They are jealous of those rich successful types and wouldn’t even know where to begin because their brains are just drug induced static. So when they see Bernie Sanders throwing out free gifts from the ole Bernie Sander’s bag of free goodies, they perk up harder than a gym rat with pre-workout powder. When a normal person feels envy, they usually observe, analyze, copy, and apply whatever that particular person is doing so they can achieve the same. But this takes time. This takes effort. And this also takes extreme doggedness, persistence, and extreme work. (Qualities that millennials have a hard time identifying with, since video game culture encourages instant gratification, artificial intelligence dependence, and shortcuts. Plus not to mention a lack of social skills, business skills, nor any sort of “skill” applicable to the “dog eat dog world”.)

“That’s not fair!” screamed the man from 1979. He slams his bat into the ground. “That was a ball!” He angrily storms off the field, never to be seen again. Forty years later, his daughter is struck out on that very same field. “That’s not fair! That better be a ball or I’m calling you all sexist!” Sorry sweetie, but the world isn’t fair. A ball cannot be a strike just because you said so.

Equality cannot exist; we are all unique with different genetic dispositions, bodies, minds, and souls. Just because you have a more athletic sister who hits the ball every time, doesn’t mean you can hit the ball every single time. For a world to be equal would be a world of emptiness and conformity. (And you will never be happy in a world of conformity) When liberals don’t get their way, they scream for equality, and they scream loud. “Equality for all!” they say.

When things become equal, rules become meaningless. Any sort of rule or value can be tossed out just like that, without any logical reason whatsoever, only because it hurt someone’s feelings and is oppressing someone somewhere in the world. Equality for all is why liberal millennials worship Bernie Sanders. He is promising a dream world, one that sounds good in theory, but a reality that cannot exist and won’t ever exist. Millennials cling desperately to equality because they don’t want to accept that this world is a harsh competitive place. (We just saw this in the National Spelling Bee, where they crowned eight champions instead of one, because we are all special and we all deserve to win.) Sorry, but the world isn’t fair. The world isn’t equal. You better put in the necessary work, and smartly too, if you want to build a better life for yourself. Putting all your faith into Bernie Sanders is just about as smart as putting your head inside a microwave.

My advice for millennials, do not be a fly falling for the sweet (and fatal) nectar of socialism. 

Ian Garrison

Special post by Ian Garrison (Ben Garrison’s son)

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