Tina Toon

Jeffy Pop Tina Toon

UPDATE November 7, 2018 : Jeff Sessions resigns at request of President Trump- Buckle up. Things are about to get ...

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Slime Ball Comey

TINA TOON TUESDAY How low can James "Slime-ball" Comey go? In leaks from his new book, "A Higher Loyalty", he ...

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The Hillary Clinton Blame Train

  The Hillary Blame Train just keeps chugging along. Does she have plans to steam toward the presidency again in ...

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MAGA Goddess Tina Toon

Roseanne Barr had a YUGE audience show up to watch the reboot of her successful "Roseanne" show from 20 years ...

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Sloppin’ the Hog

President Trump signed a bloated pig of a spending bill that’s bound to rile up some of his supporters. I ...

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Tina Toon “Mueller’s Fishing Expedition”

Mueller's Fishing Expedition It’s past time for Mueller to wrap up his $10 million fishing expedition. It’s been over a ...

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