Socialism Lures the Young with False Promises

Donald Trump recently stated that “seductive” socialism would send the country ‘down the tubes’ in a decade or less. He’s right, but many young people aren’t listening.

 It is estimated that fifty percent of millennials want a socialist system. They are no doubt being brainwashed at universities and the Democrats themselves are moving toward outright socialism. I’m pushing back against this trend with my cartoons and it’s why I’ve drawn so many anti-socialism cartoons lately. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a young, callow politician and she’s has been installed to give socialism an energetic and fresh face. I say ‘installed’ because apparently she auditioned for the part and was picked for her acting ability and enthusiasm. She was backed by a socialist group who helped pave the way for her election. 

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The left now accuses the right of being sexist and/or misogynist for opposing attractive females who push socialism. These people include Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, and the new socialist star, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Here’s what some far-left rag said about me:

MAGA-loving cartoonist Ben Garrison couldn’t help himself either. In February, Garrison published an illustration of Ocasio-Cortez working as a bartender. While rendering her facial features grotesque, playing on the racist theme of the crazy, fiery Latina that Kelly and Stinchfield obsessed over, Ocasio-Cortez’s body was far more sexualized than Garrison’s other illustrations of women politicians. He drew Ocasio-Cortez in low-rise pants, revealing her navel and a flat stomach, and a cropped tank top that says “socialism is sexy” across a pair of perky, round breasts.

I already went through this with Obama. The right is not allowed to draw him without encountering cries of ‘racist!’ So naturally I get called that again because of AOC’s race. I’m not interested in her race and I don’t care that she’s female, but the left does and they constantly use ‘identity politics’ to push their socialist agenda and divide Americans.

The Slate recently published a similar screed accusing the right of ‘leering’ at her and being obsessed with her looks and attacking her from the ‘ugly corners’ of the Internet. Sometimes they call it ‘dark corners.’ OK, then…from my dark, ugly corner office somewhere in the Montana woods, I present to you a cartoon that really does highlight the female socialist form. I hope it will give the left something substantial to complain about. 

Opposing socialism is not sexist or racist. No matter who promotes it, socialism always leads to suffering and death. It’s not a pretty sight.


—Ben Garrison

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