Stolen Elections have consequences 

As the invasion worsens along our southern border, Joe Biden took decisive action. He went back on vacation. 

Joe and his Marxist masters are intentionally destroying America in order to build it back better. How do thousands of Haitian poor achieve that? It’s unlikely they’re doctors, lawyers, or educators. It’s more likely they are criminals, gang members, or people here to collect free stuff.

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We are supposed to be a country of laws and we lave immigration laws, but Biden and his operatives refuse to enforce the laws of the Constitution. Instead they operate their spin machine and tell us everything in just fine. Biden did that in Afghanistan and now he’s doing it here by refusing to allow drone coverage of the invasion.

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Where will this invasion head next? Certainly, they won’t be camping out on the White House lawn. More likely you’ll see them in your neighborhood. Look for crime to skyrocket.


— Ben Garrison

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