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BEN GARRISON Is an independent and self-funded political cartoonist.. He draws politically incorrect cartoons that the establishment hates. Ben supports the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Ben Garrison’s cartoons have been shared on social media by millions of people around the world. He has a BA degree from Angelo State University and is also a fine artist.

Tina Garrison

Putting the Grrr in Grrrgraphics, Tina handles social media, sales, and the business end of the Garrison cartoon empire. She even finds time to draw a “Tina Toon” occasionally. Tina and Ben together are the “Dynamic Duo” of political cartoons!


Who is Ben Garrison?
Ben Garrison is an independent political cartoonist based in Northwest Montana. Ben began drawing cartoons in 2009 to protest the central banker bailout, bloated government and the slide toward tyranny. Ben’s cartoons have been seen by millions of people around the world. Ben is not part of the mainstream media and editors do not tell him what he can and cannot draw.

Do you take commissions for custom cartoons?
When I have the time, I will accept commissions.

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