Vote Joe!

Sleepy Joe Biden is running for senator, er, governor, er, president and he just won the South Carolina primary. Creepy Joe is now going into ‘Super Tuesday’ with some momentum. In fact, pundits are already saying the race is now between Biden and Bernie.

I hope it’s Crazy Joe Biden. Not only will he provide plenty of subject matter for cartoons, but he will also stand the least amount of chance against President Trump. Sure, they’re saying Bernie would be the weakest candidate, but I’m not so sure of that. Bernie is offering the malarky of ‘free stuff,’ and that’s why he’s currently in the lead. Besides, I don’t want a crackpot communist to be any closer to the presidency.

So let’s put on another record on the ol’ record player and hope it’s sniffin,’ kissn,’ gropin’ Joe. Leg hair combing Joe. Mumbling, stumbling, gaffe-machine Joe. 

Go Joe!

—Ben Garrison

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