Wishing Biden Away

Cartoon published 04/20/2024

Legally it was determined that Biden was mentally incapable of standing trial for the crime of storing stolen secret documents in his garage, yet somehow he’s capable of being president? Biden’s constant whoppers and gaffes on the campaign trail only underline that fact that he’s fit for a nursing home—not the White House.

The Democrat Party no doubt wishes for a younger, more mentally competent candidate—one who is more articulate than Joe. One who has better hair than Joe. That candidate is Gavin Newsom. 

Newsom is a well-seasoned and slick politician who is 25 years younger than Biden. Joe lies often and indiscriminately. Gavin lies with more sophistication and expertise. If the Democrats want a candidate capable of destroying America, look no further than Newsom. He’s done a great job of turning the great state of California into a place everyone wants to flee.

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The Democrat Convention took place in Chicago back in 1968 and it was a disaster. Nixon was elected as a result. The 2024 Democrat Convention is slated to again take place in Chicago in August and I expect it will again be a disaster—especially with Joe as the nominee. Or the Democrats could cast about for someone capable of challenging and debating Donald Trump.

That man is Gavin Newsom.

— Ben Garrison

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