Damage Control

Just before he was elected in 2008, Obama said he wanted to ‘fundamentally change America.’ Following are a few of those changes:

  • Obama promised the most transparent administration in history. Instead, his was the most opaque in history. A record amount of FOIA requests were filed. He aggressively prosecuted whistleblowers.
  • $10 trillion was added to the national debt under his charge. Maybe he’s not at fault there. For that, we should mostly blame the Federal Reserve and our completely immoral system of debt currency.
  • We also got more war. He dropped a record amount of bombs.
  • He helped create ISIS along with Hillary.
  • He was responsible for illegally taking out Gaddafi.
  • He spent a record $96 million on vacations for him and Michael, er, Michelle.  
  • He said he would not rest until he built a sound economy for the American people, but instead he spent part of over 300 of his days on golf courses.
  • Remember how racism was supposed to be over when he was elected? The racial division was made much worse under his leadership.
  • But wait, there’s more! He signed an ‘anti-propaganda’ bill that will affect our freedom of speech. Because the statist, corporate media is failing, he wants the government to decide what’s real news and ‘fake’ news.
  • He began the giveaway of our Internet in order to bring about later censorship.
  • He pushed for a UN gun treaty ratification.
  • He brought in a record amount of Muslim ‘immigrants’ and his open borders policy allowed in people from who-knows-where demanding free stuff. They also brought in more crime and drove down wages.
  • A record amount of Americans are now on food stamps.
  • He presided over several false flags designed to bring about gun confiscation. “Fast and Furious,” resulted in the death of an American border agent. Sandy Hook was very suspicious. Obama wants to take guns from what he called ‘bitter clingers.’
  • He prohibited seniors on social security from buying guns.
  • Obamacare has been an expensive disaster. Young people are burdened with college debt and can’t find good jobs. Many are forced to move back in with their parents after graduation.
  • The dream of owning a home has become just that—a dream.
  • To be sure, the stock market reached new highs under his watch. It mostly benefited the one percent. The rich got richer under his presidency. The central bankers continued to clean up at the expense of the middle class.Obama can’t leave office soon enough.

Trump can begin his presidency by putting out the fires started by the Arsonist in Chief. 

 —Ben Garrison