UPDATE: Sept 18, 2018 James Wolfe, the indicted former SSCI document handler, texted NYT’s reporter Ali Watkins exactly 82 text messages on March 17, 2017, the day the SSCI got the FISA warrant from DOJ IG Horowitz.  

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New York Times reporter Ali Watkins was sleeping with the Deep State swamp for three years.

The ex-Buzzfeed, now New York Times reporter had a relationship with Senate Intelligence Committee veteran James Wolfe. Wolfe is accused of making false statements about transmitting classified information to reporters including Watkins.

The incestuous relationship between modern day “journalism” and the corrupt Deep State was laid bare for all to see.

Watkins’s phone and email records were recently seized by the Justice Department. This was in relation to the ongoing probe of Wolfe, her pillow buddy.

Ali Watkins was told by the Deep State that there is no Deep State.

Like the good little FakeNews parrot she is, Watkins wrote a Buzzfeed article claiming Deep State Swamp Monsters do not exist.

Ali, you may want to take a good look at who is sleeping in your bed.



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