Special Guest Post

“Elephant in the Room”

In an age of increasing political division, a woman has produced a unique musical that ties everything together. Scarlett Evans a young playwright and composer. She wrote “Elephant in the Room” as well as the musical score. She also stars in a leading role. It was my privilege to produce a promotional cartoon for the event. Here is her story:

“Elephant in the Room” is a new and original musical comedy about achieving freedom of thought and navigating relationships, set to a backdrop of 2019 politics. It follows Kayla, a student at fictitious Eugene State College who struggles to identify truth and finally wins the fight to think for herself. As a free thinker, Kayla sides with the Right.

The play has a surreal nature to it and symbolism is key. For example, the internet is personified. “Internet Troll” sews chaos and relishes in it. He incessantly trolls, influences, and pokes fun at any- and everyone, yet remains unacknowledged. The political spectrum is divided into 4 parts: Extreme Left (ANTIFA), Moderate Left, Moderate Right, and Extreme Right (the White Nationalists). The characters all wear hats and propagandistic clothes corresponding to their political affiliations, and, except for the two protagonists, the characters are called by their titles rather than names (“Homeless,” “Antifa Leader,” “White Nationalist Number 2,” “Feminist,” etc.).

This piece is unique in that it does not portray the Right in a one-dimensionally-evil way; in fact, it presents the Right in a respectful manner. While each perspective is explored with sincerity, both are also equally made fun of!

I intend to present an eye-opening snapshot of today’s society and encourage audiences to laugh at its ridiculousness, which will hopefully spark conversation and positive action.

My own political journey unfolded as I researched and wrote this musical. I had avoided politics like a liberal trying to avoid Covid-19, but then decided to face it and find out what was true. That’s led me to stand firmly by the values which I hold today.

I’m a recent college graduate with a background in music. I grew up classically trained and studied commercial music in college. After writing the book, music, and lyrics to “Elephant in the Room,” and now playing the role of “Kayla,” my background includes theater, as well! I’m thrilled to share this work with you and hope you find it meaningful.

— Scarlett Evans

To get your free tickets, go to the website ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – Musical (elephantmusical.com).


Orange County show dates:

Fri. June 3, 2022 at 8:00pm

Sat. June 4, 2022 at 2:30pm

Sat. June 4, 2022 at 8:00pm

Sun. June 5, 2022 at 7:00pm