Fauci leaves a legacy of lunacy

Cartoon published 08/23/2022

I refuse to call Anthony Fauci a doctor. Doctors are supposed to do no harm, but Fauci has done unimaginable harm—and it was all done intentionally. 

Fauci is not a doctor. He’s a diminutive government bureaucrat who is more concerned with farming out taxpayer money to his cronies than our health. He has helped install medical tyranny while stripping us of our basic rights. Throughout his nearly 50-year career, our highest-paid government employee has accumulated way too much power and developed such an incredible ego that he had the gall to refer to himself as ‘science’ itself. If anything, Fauci has weakened scientific integrity and trust in our institutions—including hospitals.

He pushed dangerous mRNA vaccines that funneled billions of taxpayer dollars toward Big Pharma outfits such as Pfizer, which we now know is a criminal organization. He pushed the useless but very expensive Remdesivir, a dangerous drug that helped bring him and his cronies profit. The loud-mouthed napoleonic tyrant had earlier mishandled the AIDS crisis, but was able to get the government to send more funding his way.

Fauci pushed lockdowns, which helped destroy our economy. At first he said the masks were useless (they are), then he had the gall to recommend wearing two masks. I actually saw people with two masks. Sheeple actually listened to this modern-day Mengele!

Fauci sent US taxpayer money to the Communist Chinese so that they could achieve ‘gain of function’ on a virus to be used as a bioweapon. It worked and killed millions, but Fauci lied about it to Congress. He was not held accountable for his lie.

Fauci lied about the efficacy of the mRNA vaccines and refused to acknowledge the effectiveness of natural immunity. He expressed contempt for nature and low-priced and effective medication such as Ivermectin. He wanted endless boosters even though it became quite clear that the vaccines did not work. At all. Everyone got Covid and many who died were fully boosted. People are still dying from the poisonous Covid jabs.

Fauci is a control freak who values dollars over scientific integrity. He has destroyed many careers by deciding to intimidate and harass scientists who didn’t go along with Big Pharma. Others that did go along were rewarded with grants. One of those grants funded the torture of hundreds of beagles. There was no purpose to the torture other than to help sate Fauci’s sadistic proclivities.

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Was Fauci involved in the funding of the dangerous bioweapons labs throughout Ukraine? It needs to be investigated. Will Congress hold him responsible? That remains to be seen, but it may be why Fauci has chosen retirement ahead of the midterms. Still, he probably isn’t all that worried. After all, he’s allied with top globalists such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. Fauci is a member of the Deep State Swamp, and we’ve seen how its inhabitants are untouchable.

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Fauci’s megalomania prohibits real retirement. The 81 year-old may step away from government employment, but he loves the limelight. He will write a book, go on tours, and continue to hector us while he enjoys his 1/2 million dollar monthly pension.

Fauci is slime. He belongs in the slime light, not the limelight.

Lock Him Up!

— Ben Garrison

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