Fredo Cuomo’s Lament

Chris Cuomo’s fragile grasp on reality has crumbled into Trump Derangement Syndrome Stage IV when he was called “Fredo” by a man at a public event.  According to  Cuomo, calling an Italian American “Fredo” is just as racist as using the “N-Word”.

We beg to differ.

Calling Cuomo “Fredo” is the same as calling him stupid.

Fredo was Micheal Corleone’s weaker and stupider older brother in the famous movie “The Godfather II”

It is not a racist slur by any means,  in fact Chris Cuomo even called himself Fredo in a 2010 radio interview!

So from now on and forever, Chris Cuomo, FakeNews CNN anchor, will be forever known as “Fredo” Cuomo!




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