Leslie Jones, you’re doing it wrong. Free speech on the Internet is an extremely valuable right that we must not lose. Unfortunately the Internet comes with a sordid underbelly that we must tolerate to keep that free speech intact. I also once wanted revenge. I was ready to say or do anything to make it stop. I pounded the table for ‘moderation.’ Facebook found it easier to shut me up than remove my tormentors. Why? Because lately it seems right-leaning libertarians and conservatives are assigned the blame. Milo Yiannopoulos has an Oscar Wilde-like wit that can hurt the feelings of the left and social justice warriors, but he should not be silenced because of “hurt feelings”. Twitter was out of line shutting down his free speech. He may have hurt your feelings, but if you’re willing to be in the public eye, then criticism must be expected
If we ban hate speech outright it means there will be someone out there who gets to decide what hate speech is—and that’s a noose we don’t want to see tightened. We don’t need censors and scolds telling us what we can say and cannot say. We don’t need commissars of free speech regulating the Internet.
Do us all a favor—stop being a victim. Stop the complaining. Laugh it off. Stop caring. Step out of your personal hell. And tell Twitter to reinstate Milo’s free speech.

Ben Garrison
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