Free Speech Genie

It may not be a surprise that the taxpayer-funded CIA utilizes its own venture capital investment firm known as “In-Q-Tel.” For years, the CIA has enjoyed funding upstart tech companies in order to help them gain even more power and control. Their black budget is a black mark on liberty.

The Deep State helped fund Silicon Valley. The CIA may have helped fund Google and they most likely funded Facebook. We may never know the details about all their investments. Shhhh! Only the CIA can know—it’s ’national security!’


We do know that they helped the billionaire Peter Thiel. In 2004, they funded his startup firm, Palantir, which is a powerful spy tool. Thiel also invested in Facebook around this time and cleaned up. He probably knew its value to the CIA, and the CIA definitely knew that Facebook offered them a valuable honeypot of information. People voluntarily coughed up all sorts of personal detail that was stored away by the CIA, the NSA and the Deep State. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, knew his ‘dumb effers’ information could be sold to advertisers and he got fabulously rich by doing it.

There was a downside for the Deep State, though. Their chosen candidate was the incredibly corrupt Hillary Clinton, but millions of people on social media enjoyed freedom and they used their free speech to help elect Donald Trump. Silicon Valley had opened up a bottle—and released the free speech genie into a new town square called social media. Now they are wishing him back into their bottle of control.

We can’t object, because Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others are ‘private’ companies and can be as censorious as they like. Don’t like it? Start your own Google or Facebook. That’s what we’re told. The reality is the taxpayer funded the creation of the Internet. We also helped fund, though the CIA, the companies that are now trying to control our free speech! They now want to regulate what we say and skew things toward their globalism and control. This goes against our First Amendment. These tyrants used our money to enrich themselves and grow their power.

If anyone needs to be corked in a bottle, it’s them. We should break up that bottle.


Ben Garrison

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