In Hillary's Head cartoon by Ben Garrison

UPDATE OCT 10, 2018  Hillary Clinton calls for civil unrest against Republicans.  Story here


Someone asked me why I draw so many Obama and Hillary cartoons. After all, they’re gone. Why not move on?

Because they’re not gone.

The devious hands of the Clintons, Obama and even the Bushes are still pulling the powerful levers of the Deep State. They all remain above the law. No matter how obvious and egregious their crimes, they skate.

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Hillary in particular has made a career of getting away with law breaking. Her criminal milestones are numerous. They include Whitewater, Cattlegate, Filegate, Benghazi, bilking Haiti, campaign finance abuses, using the IRS to attack her enemies, an illegal server that she used to store classified email as well as her Clinton Foundation pay-for-play schemes. The Uranium One scandal, is an example of the latter. She even tried to steal $190,000 worth of gifts and furnishings from the White House after their ‘co-presidency.’

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The Clinton body count is vast. It includes Vince Foster and Seth Rich, and her enemies continue to die mysteriously. She has big corporate media on her side and cronies in the justice system and the FBI. Comey called Clinton’s very serious crimes a ‘matter’ and decided against recommending prosecution even though it wasn’t his call.

There is no such thing as equal justice in this country until we at least see Hillary Clinton in prison. We’re still waiting to see her locked up.

—Ben Garrison

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