If House Speaker Mike Johnson Had Been In ‘Star Wars’

Cartoon published 05/11/2024

Recent Republican speakers have included John Boehner (the tearful), Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, and now Mike Johnson. All of them were ineffective when it came to carrying out policies for which they were elected, even though they may tell you they tried. As Yoda might say, “Do or do not. There is no try!” The Republican Speakers chose to do not. They all cooperated with Democrats. They are RINOs. They are the part of the UniParty Swamp.


We had a new hope with Johnson, but the Democrat Party struck back and the Louisiana Republican quickly caved and turned to the Democrat side. He can’t be removed from the Speaker’s seat because too many Democrats now support him because he helped push through ridiculous spending bills that includes $60 billion more to Ukraine while our own border remains wide open.

The Democrats have constructed a Death Star aimed at America. 

Johnson has expressed support for disgraced prosecutor Jack Smith, who has contorted our legal system to go after Trump, and now we know Biden ordered the corrupt FBI to raid Mar-a Lago and plant evidence to make it easier for Smith to get a conviction. Johnson is okay with this. Maybe next he’ll be okay with late term abortion. His capitulation will have become complete.

Conservatives cast votes for those whom they think are Republicans, but when those politicians get to Congress they change into RINOs. Maybe they get blackmailed. Maybe they get bribed. Maybe they think it’s pointless to resist. For whatever reason they stop believing in the MAGA vision.

‘THAT is why they fail.’

Ben Garrison

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