Save The Children

The child sniffer and the child killer are coming for your children.  Joe Biden, current resident of the White House, thinks it’s okay to give the clot-shot to children as young as five.

The FDA’s panel of “vaccine advisors” voted 17-0 to approve Pfizer’s Covid vaccine children 5 to 11 years of age.

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Following a formal approval from the FDA and the CDC, the agency’s director, Comrade Rochelle Walensky, will give a final approval.

Children could start getting their vaccines as early as next week.

Are you ready to fight for your child’s life?  Children are at almost zero risk of dying from covid. The risks from the experimental clot shot are much higher.

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The FDA even admit they don’t know what the long term risks to children will be.

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it,” one of the FDA’s voting members said on Tuesday.

Your kid will be the FDA’s “guinea pig” for them to learn about the side effects of the jab. You don’t want to give your kid the “gift” of myocarditis (dead heart muscle) for Christmas do you?

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Remember this will never end. They plan booster shots…forever.

In fact the Washington Post even said the quiet part out loud,  “you will never be fully vaccinated”

Fauci and the CDC will keep jabbing you from cradle to grave.

“These people are sick”

Fauci is the sickest.

If Fauci, who lied to Congress about gain of function, can torture puppies and monkeys, what does he plan for your children?

Fauci lied Puppies died. Don’t let it become “Fauci lied Children died.”

A mandate is NOT a law.

The Constitution stands and is not suspended for a “plannedemic”

Don’t comply! Save the children.