The New World Order wants Americans to give up their guns. Their various mouthpieces get wound up and use shame, ridicule, doctored polls, misleading and false statistics, comedy and repetition to get us to do it. Yes, their latest gun control bill failed in Congress, but they will never give up–especially with Obama at the helm. He will continue to drive hard to the hoop to take away more of our rights. They can’t have us standing up to an oppressive government. Slaves cannot be allowed to stay armed.
The irony behind all of this? The MSM media propaganda stooges DO believe in guns. The liberal dinosaur media believes in guns. Bob Costas believes in guns. Michael Moore believes in guns. Bill Maher believes in guns. Rachel Maddow believes in guns. Chris Matthews believes in guns. Piers Morgan believes in guns. They don’t believe average Americans should have guns. They believe only government-sanctioned ‘authorities’ should have guns. Only people wearing official costumes, badges, helmets and insignias should have guns. These government functionaries need to have guns in order to go door-to-door and threaten American citizens with murder to confiscate guns. In fact, government has been buying up the same guns and ammo (billions of bullets) that they say citizens shouldn’t have.