One Year Anniversary Of The Ukraine War

Cartoon published 02/25/2023

I wanted to publish this cartoon on February 24, the one-year anniversary of the Ukraine War. Unfortunately we had some problems with our cold winter move from our previous rental many miles north of our new digs—and that has prevented me from being as productive as I had planned. We also had a terrifying encounter with black ice on a busy highway. How we failed to hit another car or a traffic post is a mystery to me. We ended up spinning down a Starbucks ‘exit only’ ramp and onto a snow-covered embankment. We drove away shaken, but unscathed. We must have had a guardian angel watching over us. 

We’ve also had a great many of our supporters watching over us—and you helped us out considerably with our moving expenses (which were greater than expected) and I want to thank everyone for your kind contributions to our cause. As you know, we are independent and that means we can draw whatever cartoons we like, but it also means we are dependent on print and book sales as well as donations. Now it’s time to again get back to drawing some ‘MAGA’ cartoons with impact and influence!

And now back to the cartoon post:

As many of you must know by now, we at GrrrGraphics are adamantly against the war in Ukraine. It’s a war that was triggered by Ukraine, the globalists, the CIA, and NATO. Don’t forget that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in eastern Europe and their chalkboard scratchy-voiced leader, Zelensky, is part of that corruption. He threatened Americans on the the anniversary of a war he started. He said if we did not continue to funnel vast amounts of money his way, Russia would win and then invade the Baltic states. He said we’d then be forced to send our own sons and daughters to die there. In other words, Zelensky will say anything to drum up fear in order to rake in more cash—including threatening all-out nuclear war!

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We must stop listening to the pipsqueak con man comedian/tyrant from Ukraine. We must also stop listening to the blatant war propaganda being spewed by corporate media, which are owned and controlled by satanic globalists. Stop listening to the warmongers from the Military Industrial Complex.

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We need to spend money on our own country. We can start by finishing the border wall and hire more agents to protect it. We can spend the money on infrastructure and the environmental cleanup of Ohio. We can spend the money on our own veterans. J’ever notice all the commercials of crippled and disfigured veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq? They want citizens to send them money to fund houses designed to suit such disabled men. This is all well and good, but why doesn’t our military industrial complex fund such arrangements? Maybe the Pentagon who continues to lose trillions of dollars? Maybe the corporate media who brainwashed young men into going to useless wars (based on lies) in the first place? We all know those millionaire, bellicose talking heads banging on war drums will never go fight on the front lines themselves, but they are eager to persuade impressionable young men into going. Those men march into gristmills that exist only to put billions of dollars into the pockets of evil men.


It’s time to stop the foreign wars. America should not be an empire. We are not the world’s policeman. It’s time to be aware of the disgusting war propaganda being funneled into our brains by corporate media.

 It’s time to instead listen to our Founding Fathers and avoid foreign entanglements. 

— Ben Garrison


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