Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, seems like a very sensible choice to us at GrrrGraphics. He’s a conservative Constitutionalist who will help balance out the bench.

To be sure, the Democrats will try to thwart or delay the confirmation any way they can. Perhaps Michael Moore will indeed lead a protest and put is bloated body on the line. Who knows? One thing is certain: the left is obsessed with Roe vs. Wade (killing babies) and also the women’s ‘right to choose’ (to kill their babies) as well as protecting Planned Parenthood (baby killing centers). The left is obsessed with abortion and they want as much of it as possible. They want taxpayers to foot the bill. Trump has promised to repeal Roe and that intention leaves Democrats incensed.

Mitch McConnell will soon hold a confirmation vote for Kavanaugh. It also seems likely he’ll be approved unless the Democrats can convince a few Republicans to vote no. That’s unlikely.

What is likely is Trump continuing his ‘winning’ ways.


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