Fauci the Great Pumpkin has spoken

Recently Dr. Doom spoke up about the upcoming holidays including the childhood favorite, Halloween.

Like a monarch issuing a proclamation, Dr. Fauci gave his permission for all of us little people to go out and “enjoy Halloween.” Fauci made sure to stress that it’s important to be vaccinated before you partake in such dangerous activities.

Why thank you for your blessings, noble and caring ruler!  NOT!

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Americans have had enough of the narcissistic and self promoting Doctor. A recent poll came out and showed that Fauci has lost credibility and Americans do not trust the diminutive doctor’s advice for their healthcare. We are done listening to the flip flopping Doctor with the huge ego.

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How long will this tyranny continue? 

As long as you let it.

The Freedom flyers of Southwest, the truckers, and parents protesting their school boards are leading the way. It’s time to get loud and push back.

Do not comply. Disobey.

You have the power. Use it wisely.



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