Back in 2016, Ben designed this silver coin to celebrate Trump’s presidential victory over Hillary Clinton. 

This was the first Trump silver coin ever produced and set the standard for patriotic coins minted across the country for collectors, investors, and for those who want to be apart of history.

With that said, thousands of this coin were sold during 2017.

Since a lot of you are new to GrrrGraphics and Ben Garrison, we wish to humbly offer you some of our own personal silver coins for those looking to invest and collect silver coins.

This is a 1 ounce .999 silver commemorative coin featuring Ben Garrison’s design and we can only offer 15 of these to any lucky supporter of Ben Garrison or to any fan of silver coins.

We will also throw in a free mini print of the same design for appreciation of your order.

This beautiful silver coin is now available, and again we cannot stress that we are only offering 15 of these rare silver coins. Order your historic silver commemorative today before they all sell out!

Order your Ben Garrison’s Commemorative Trump Silver Coin now by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below. 

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