Thomas Jefferson warned us about the Federalists who favored a strong central government and empire.

Alexander Hamilton even wanted a king-like president. He also wanted a strong central bank.  Many learned nothing from the tyranny of England. Eventually the Federalists were replaced by Democrats and Republicans, who have essentially become….Federalists. We have a gigantic and abusive government and citizens must service an empire with their tax dollars. Some pay for it with their lives.

With the help of the Federal Reserve’s immoral counterfeiting printing press, government has grown into a monster with its tentacles intertwined with mafia-like operatives who assist in determining our fate—along with powerful global corporations. For example, Google became intertwined with the Obama administration. Its former CEO, Eric Schmidt, even had an office at Obama’s Whitehouse. Their goal was to influence public opinion and sway votes toward Hillary. That didn’t happen, so now they’re resorting to censorship and introducing China’s social credit system here in America. The goal is to punish conservatives who believe in protecting their liberties.

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For example, many of us don’t want to hand over our firearms. We also don’t want to shut down our economy and live in poverty to ‘save the planet,’ due to so-called ‘climate change.’ We don’t want mandatory vaccines. We don’t want to be abused by law enforcement and ‘security’ agencies. We don’t want to trade in our liberty for safety. Benjamin Franklin said if we did that, we would receive and deserve neither.

And what happened to the Fourth Estate? The truth-telling watchdog was snagged by the Deep State monster long ago. Now we must rely on citizen journalists to do investigative journalism and tell us the truth.

Government now thwarts such people at every turn. Obama harassed and prosecuted whistleblowers. Snowden was forced into exile. Assange is in prison. Alex Jones has been de-platformed and now they want him impoverished. The Sandy Hook lawsuit is nonsense. Jones never defamed the parents of children killed there. He merely pointed out many of the strange occurrences at Sandy Hook that did hint at a false flag.

We’re almost at the point where we can no longer question those who rule us.