Money for Nothing, Votes for free

When asked if certain illegal immigrants were to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars because of getting ‘mistreated’ under President Trump, Joe Biden testily denied it. Then his press secretary admitted it was true. Either Biden was lying or he out of touch. Maybe his mental befuddlement has caused him to lose track of his lies.

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Paying invaders who break our immigration laws aligns with Open Border Joe’s ‘Build Back Better’ plans.Yet in order to perform such building back it’s necessary that he and his Socialist Democrats first destroy America. When that is kept in mind, all of Joe’s actions fall into place. HIs vaccine mandates and supply chain disruptions are designed to destroy our morale as well as the economy. His fiasco in Afghanistan may have been on purpose to humiliate America and elevate China. He worked with Pelosi to bring about a trillion dollar bill stuffed with pork, cronyism, and waste. It’s designed to hasten inflation and pad the pockets of Democrat allies. The Green New Deal may be the final stake driven into the heart of the economy.

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Joe is a racist. Like Obama, he’s done nothing to help black people and in fact he has insulted them over and over again. “You’re not black unless you vote for me,” is an example. He once stated whites would soon become a minority and that it was a ‘good thing.’ That’s racist. A president’s job is to support all Americans, and not say it’s great if one race is on the wane. Of course, we all know Joe is not our president. The election was stolen for him. He’s a bumbling, mumbling imposter. His regime is in place to usher in the New World Order.

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Perhaps in order to damage the influence of white voters—especially conservatives ones—Biden has left the southern border wide open to invaders who will vote for Democrats. That’s bad enough, but now Biden and Pelosi want to dangle offers of riches to the law breakers. This will attract even more illegal immigration, of course.

Biden swore an oath to uphold our laws. Not only is he not upholding them, he’s in league with the criminals who break them.

Impeach Joe Biden!

— Ben Garrison

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