President Trump and his son, Don Jr., were totally exonerated by Mueller.

Our country endured two long years of Russia collusion drum banging, yet Mueller produced zero proof of such collusion by Trump in his win over Hillary.

Still, the Democrats won’t let it go. They have a habit of doubling, then tripling, and even quadrupling down on their stupidity.

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Joining them is the ‘independent-minded’ Republican from North Carolina, Senator Richard Burr. For some reason I can’t fathom, he wants to subpoena Trump’s eldest son once again to answer questions already thoroughly answered. Naturally, his Democrat colleagues are applauding his lunacy because we they will continue to do anything—no matter how shamefully outrageous—to disrupt and annoy a lawfully elected president. Their constant harassment through ‘law-fare’ amounts to sedition.

We shall see if senator Burr can push a stone-cold closed case up the steep slope once again. He won’t get far.

—Ben Garrison


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