The United Nations is making progress with their various agendas.

For those of you who thought they could not possibly become a reality, we are now seeing it happen before our very eyes. Oh sure, they frame things such as Agenda 30 in positive terms. They state they’re out to make humanity more peaceful and prosperous by the implementation of ‘sustainable’ things to protect the planet. In reality, the satanic illuminati who are running the show are protecting THEIR planet for THEMSELVES. They already own everything important and we pesky humans who aren’t in their club must be dealt with and they’re doing that now—especially in California by means of climate engineering, stripping away liberty by means of every-growing government regulation, high taxes, and of course controlling energy.

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The elite want a cashless society so they can control our funds. Those who step out of line won’t be able to buy food or pay for rent. They want complete government control of our health. What Elizabeth Warren wants will be the completion of still yet another Communist plank. It’s not free stuff, it’s more government control over our very bodies.

They want us to completely give up our privacy and get groped at airports and elsewhere and be grateful to them for ‘making us safe.’ They want to control our food. They want us to eat fake and GMO food. They want to control our water. Private wells are now regulated in California. All human activity now seems to require government permission.

They want to control where we live. Permits are required for generators. Now they can cut off power whenever they want to, and they want us to become accustomed to privation. At the same time they want electric cars and a Green New Deal. “You’d better obey or we’ll turn off your power!” For those at the very top, they will obtain easier control if they can force people into cities, while they complete the wilding of future no-go zones in the country. This is all part of the UN’s plan and it’s happening.

They’re showing us who is boss in California, and it’s not We The People.

It’s time to stand up and stop participating in our own slavery. It’s especially important not to give up our guns.


—Ben Garrison


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