The Storm is here.

We the American people have been lied to and abused for decades. The swamp covered the Yellow Brick Road and ran deep and thick with graft and corruption. We were stuck in a bog of fake news and distractions by both parties. After eight years of Obama and eight years of Bush, the American people were looking for someone to just tell the truth and represent the will of the American people.

President Trump riding high and navigating the winds of an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE that will drain the swamp, created over decades of establishment politics that have muddied the waters and have smothered our dear Republic.

The Deep State Swamp fought Trump tooth and nail in a deadly battle for America’s soul.

And we, the people, are finally winning!

 The Storm Is Here… it is now TIME to Drain the Swamp and its creatures and reveal the TRUTH that will set us all free and invoke #TheGreatAwakening all America has been waiting for.

Nothing can stop what is coming!

The storm will clear the swamp from the yellow brick road of prosperity and peace.

Justice will be served and the corrupt and evil will be punished.

Patriots of Red and Blue will unite here in the United States and around the world.

Think for yourself. Knowledge is power.

Being awake is the swamp’s greatest fear.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road and watch as the storm paves the way for Truth and Justice… it’s going to be a wild ride! TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE! #TrustThePlan

The Storm is here!

LIVE with Definiteness of PURPOSE 

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