The Best Disinfectant Is Sunlight and Truth

Governor Cuomo and New York are on the fast track toward medical tyranny.

They’ve rolled out a pilot program known as a “COVID passport.” It harkens back to Nazi Germany’s Ihre Papiere bitte! (“Your papers, please!”). New Yorkers will need the passport to enter stadiums, businesses, and restaurants. What they’re doing will become a template for the entire country.

Centi-billionaire control freaks such as Bill Gates want us to have no choice—we must be jabbed with endless, dangerous vaccines. Many are dying quickly from the mRNA vaccine which actually changes the genetic structure within cells. It’s rushed-out and under-tested concoction that is more Frankenstein monster than it is a vaccine.

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The vaccines are ghoulish in that they contain cells from aborted human fetuses. They may also contain secret nano particles and you’re not supposed to know what they do. Gates wants his vaccine software in all of us, and we know how buggy his software can be. Do human being really want to become walking computers with Gates’ software in their cells?

Yet many continue to line up and insist that they get the jab. The mainstream lying media has told them over and over that it’s the right thing to do. Even those suffering adverse side effects brag that they would do it again. They will continue to take more of them no matter what. This amounts to insane virtue signaling and a submissive genuflecting to power. I’ve come to realize the the vast majority of Americans are zombies. They are mindless sheep who will wear double masks, take swabs up the nose and backside and take whatever noxious substance they’re told to take. They will unthinkingly do whatever CNN and the ‘authorities’ tell them to do and they will badger others for not doing the same.

When the masks were rolled out about a year ago, we were told it was only temporary. It should only last a few weeks. Remember? I made the prediction that they would become permanent and now they are permanent. Milton Friedman once said there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program. The masks are good example of his adage. They will always be at airports. No matter how many vaccines, the masks will remain mandatory. Social distancing, too. In fact, the tyrants are talking about lockdowns every two years in order to benefit the planet. That would destroy what’s left of small businesses.

They will give the vaccination passport some sort of patriotic name such as “Freedom Pass.” The Constitution is our freedom passport, but even beyond that document we have natural rights as human beings. We should be able to decide what goes into our own bodies. We all need to inject some truth into the propaganda coming our way nonstop from the lying corporate media. We need a truth inoculation to protect us from the injections of lies.