Booster Nation-It’s about Money, Not Health

I recently saw a billboard extolling the virtue of parents making sure their children are vaccinated. It featured a mother with her child with some blather about vaccinations being ‘safe and effective.’ I’m sure it was paid for by Big Pharma. After all, they are swimming in money and they advertise their products everywhere. The mainstream media makes a fortune from Big Pharma.They certainly aren’t going to do investigative journalism and expose vaccine corruption.

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We’ve all seen Big Pharma’s endless commercials. They’re always coming up with new jabs, too. For example, teens are encouraged to take a shot for meningitis, even though the chances of coming down with that malady are vanishingly small. In fact, more teens die from side effects of the vaccine than they do from the disease! No matter, profits are to be made! It’s about money, not health.

Big Pharma has a legion of lobbyists to convince politicians to write legislation to make them even more money. The latest is from Gavin Newsom, who is pushing legislation to strip any doctor who questions the vaccines of their medical license. Anyone who questions the controllers of science can lose their license. It means the AMA, WHO, NIH and Fauci’s word is the final say. Question them and you lose your job. Parents who might question the endless doses jabbed into their children could also face big trouble. Hospitals love to send CPS after them. A baby has to receive Hepatitis B shots, for example. Why? Are babies in danger of dirty needles from intravenous drug use? These shots are dangerous and unnecessary.

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Big Pharma contributes a lot of money to both parties. Both Biden and Trump received windfall donations. It’s no wonder that both pushed vaccinations. Trump thought he was being a hero by rushing out Covid vaccines. Biden said if you got the shots, you wouldn’t catch Covid. That was a lie.

Regardless, people are taught to not question the vaccines. They are forced to do as they’re told. The medical tyrants want us to take endless Covid and flu vaccines. College students who refuse the pokes are forced to wear masks. We’ve become a vaccine-obsessed country.


Babies and children continue to be big targets. Big Pharma pushes ever-increasing doses on babies in particular. Many die from the shots. We’ve all read the heart-breaking stories. Parents who want to sue quickly find out that Big Pharma is immune. They cannot be sued, thanks to their bought-out politicians who made sure they were immune from prosecution. This made Big Pharma less responsible and accountable. Parents instead must go to an official vaccine court, and if they can afford the legal expenses and win their case, taxpayer dollars pay for the settlements. The number of vaccines are also commensurate with the rise of autism, but bought-out ‘officials’ tell us there is no connection. They instead blame environmental toxins or ‘climate change’ for the deaths. Real doctors who raise red flags get their careers destroyed.

Again, it’s all about money—not health. The criminal organization known as Pfizer raked in $100 billion from their taxpayer-paid Covid jabs, which have been proven to be unsafe and ineffective. Yet they’re still being pushed—even on young children who have virtually no chance of dying from Covid. Meanwhile, millions are suffering side effects and deaths from their poison. Myocarditis, blood clots, and people mysteriously dropping dead are rampant and they don’t want you talking about it. Fauci doesn’t even want more studies and drawn-out human trials. He recently came out and said it all wasn’t necessary. Just shut up and take endless boosters or you lose your job!

It’s sick that we can no longer rely on our own immune systems that have evolved over millions of years. Suddenly acquired immunity is frowned upon. Instead, we must face Big Pharma’s deadly-dangerous needles. Some parents have wised up and refuse to submit their children to the pokes, but Big Pharma has nearly unlimited resources to out shout them down and force their evil upon all of us.

— Ben Garrison


There has been encouraging news recently, as a new poll reported only 4% of parents had their babies and toddlers vaccinated.  Parents are figuring it out.


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