A Message From Tina


For those who don’t know, Ben was diagnosed with colon cancer last May. It was also stage four and he was living with it for years.

Yes, last May rocked us to the very core, I came close to losing my beloved Ben. It was a much closer call than we let on publicly.

I watched him grow weaker and weaker before his cancer surgery, yet he somehow kept drawing the cartoons even with stage four cancer. I really was worried he would not be around to draw cartoons for the 2024 election. It was that bad.

But Ben didn’t give up and neither did I.

After his surgery to remove the tumor on May 17th, 2023, I took care of him and tried to keep up his spirits. As the weeks went by, Ben slowly regained his old fighting spirit and his sense of humor. But it wasn’t over yet as he had six months of immunotherapy to get through. Which shrunk the cancer but destroyed his thyroid gland. So we are still dealing with those consequences. Ben will be getting a CRT scan in a couple weeks to make sure everything is healthy inside.

That’s where we stand today. I wanted to update you on Ben’s heath and I wanted to ask for your prayers for his total recovery.

Thank you for your continued support of Ben and his wonderful art!

If you would like to help us during these trying times and able to do so, you can make a difference by making a donation. We don’t have any big campaign paying us or a wealthy patron of the arts supporting us. We depend on online sales and your generous donations!

Your donation goes to keeping Ben drawing the cartoons you love and helps with medical expenses.

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While we fight for you, we need YOUR support! Your dollars are our ammo (and our weaponized cartoons are yours!)


Thank you and God Bless you!


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Listen to Ben talk about his diagnosis and how he’s handling it by clicking on the image below…