“Promises made, Promises kept”

After 18 months in office and waist deep in the Deep State Swamp, President Trump continues to make the grade by keeping his campaign promises.

The swamp is deep and thick with the muck of corruption so any progress is indeed a miracle. Many politicians have made promises to their supporters claiming that if elected, they will ride into Washington DC and get things done. The common result usually is they ride into the swamp and sink slowly into the depths and their promises are forgotten until the next election cycle.

Trump is keeping his promises.

He is up to his chin in the murk of the swamp.

The Deep State Swamp is fighting for its survival and will do anything to win.

“Trust the plan.”

Who made the grade? Who didn’t?

Hope and Change?

How those words ring hollow now.

Did we get “Hope”? No, We got despair.

Did we get “Change”? Yes, change for the worse.

Promises made, lies kept.

Now, there is “Hope” and we see “Change” for the better every week.

And if you look very closely, you can see the Swamp is slowly starting to drain.

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