Uni-Party Debt Ceiling ‘Breakthrough’ -Americans Screwed Again

Cartoon published  06/01/2023

$4 trillion in more debt. Green energy ‘climate change’ boondoggle money. No debt limit for the rest of Biden’s term. Thousands of new, well-armed, partisan IRS agents ready to crush the middle class and small businesses. These are just a few things that got passed under House Republican ‘leadership.’

More Democrats voted for the budget-busting bill than Republicans. What does that tell you? It tells you that House Speaker McCarthy and most of his ‘majority’ Republicans are part of the ‘Uni-Party.’ They do not have America’s best interest at heart. They have their business as usual status quo at heart. They want power, and that power comes through spending.

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Fox News trotted out a gaggle of Republican pundits who celebrated the passage of the spending bill. They claimed it proved Republicans are capable of ‘getting things done.’ They said it was ‘good governance’ and how the Republicans were the ‘adults in the room’ and how Republicans behaved in a ‘mature way.’ Such statements are cringe-worthy nonsense. It merely means big government will continue to grow, blob like, by taking more spending power away from citizens (by means of inflation) while passing more laws to control us.

Too many people continue to have the mindset that we must have Big Government to even exist. They become very afraid and stressed when Big Government is threatened. They see Big Government as a Santa Claus, god-like thing. Santa combined with brute force to be sure—but apparently it gives their empty lives structure. They worship government and demand that it continue to grow and take care of us all. They even think they somehow have a hand in ‘our Democracy’ by means of voting, but that’s a mirage. Once in Congress, most of the ‘representatives’ quickly look after their own best interests and the interest of the globalist Uni-Party.


When it comes to Big Government, nothing ever gets cut. Especially military spending—that is sacred. Remember when Reagan wanted to eliminate the Department of Education? Ron Paul wanted it gone as well. Nope, it never happens. The entrenched Uni-Party will only create more such ‘departments’ and each will grow like cancer until they get excised.

Kevin McCarthy will never do any such excising, because he’s part of the cancer. It’s time he is removed from his position as House Speaker. 

— Ben Garrison

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