Vote Blue No Matter Who?

Cartoon published 05/22/2024

The left has gone so far left that they are beginning to slide into far right territory. It may sound implausible, but consider the pro-Palestinian protests. Many are paid to be there by progressive figures such as George Soros, but there are some students too, and they are the product of far-left brainwashing by their professors.

They are speaking out against the genocide in Palestine while ignoring the brutal, horrific attack by Hamas. They support ‘river to the sea,’ which means the extermination of all Jews from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. There are even LGBTQ+ students supporting Hamas, but if they ever came into actual contact with that terror organization the likely result is they would be thrown off the roof of a building.


College leftists support Hamas–an organization that is against most of the so-called virtues that they love to signal. Feminism, for example. Israel is said to be liberal and they certainly tolerate gays, but Jews are out of favor nowadays. So there’s a disconnect. The progressives should support the progressive state of Israel, but instead they support Hamas. It’s a clown world.

It’s the same way with a lot of Democrats. They will vote ‘D’ no matter what. Sure, they know Biden is a corrupt, mumbling, doddering old pedophile without a punctilious bone in his body, but they are on the blue team and will vote that way even if the policies are disagreeable to them. Like the good sheep they are, brainwashed Democrats will chant “vote blue no matter who’ as they line up for the slaughter.

Would they vote for a blue Hitler if he had a ‘D’ after his name?


— The GrrrTeam

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