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Patreon is a monthly donation site that we have used since September of 2015. I am surprised we lasted this long as many others were kicked off Patreon in the last  couple of years.

This worked well for Grrrgraphics and we had many good folks supporting us every month, we appreciate your loyalty and support over the years.

But now the tyranny and censorship is at an insane level. Patreon recently changed their terms of service to include “Covid misinformation” which means you can not question the CDC, NIH narrative about the vaccines or other forms of treatment of the wu-flu.

I received an email from Patreon’s “Trust and Safety” department asking us to not only delete our cartoons on the Plannedemic on Patreon’s platform, but also asking us to delete the same cartoons on our website grrrgraphics.com because we “fund” it through Patreon.

Um, no you vax tyrants, we will NOT be deleting ANY content especially on the website- Patreon, you have no right to censor our website. See email below…what nerve!

The amount we make on Patreon is insignificant compared to what they want, censorship of our site. It’s time to say EFF you Patreon and close our account. This is a line in the sand we will not cross. It’s been fun Patreon- we will miss our friends and supporters on the site, but you can still support us with a monthly reoccurring donation at our Subscribe Star page.

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Or at Kofi you can send a monthly “coffee” (donation) and continue your support of Ben and Tina’s work through those portals.

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We will be shutting down the Patreon account today, once again thank you for support over the years. Please stay in touch and let us know your thoughts, send us an email at

[email protected]

Thank you!

Tina & Ben

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