Wielding Justice As A Political Tool

BREAKING: Trump is found Guilty on all 34 counts-Kangaroo Kommie Kourt

Cartoon published 05/30/2024

The Democrats have converted America’s justice system into their personal political tool. They are using ‘lawfare’ by means of corrupt courts against their political opponents—especially President Trump and his close associates.

Peter Navarro is in prison. So are the J6 peaceful protestors. The Democrats want Steve Bannon in jail, but anyone with the last name of Biden gets a slap on the wrist or charges dropped. We are witnessing a two tier justice system play out in real time with Judge Merchan’s witch hunt show trial in New York. The vast majority of the population from which the jury was selected has Trump Derangement Syndrome. This isn’t about Trump receiving a fair trial. It’s about ‘getting’ Trump by any legal convolution necessary. The trial is about keeping Trump off the campaign trail—hence it’s election interference. Joe is trying to take advantage of the situation, but he can’t even come close to filling a high school auditorium. Nobody wants to see Joe flub up.

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With a rigged trial that would make Stalin blush, we expect a verdict of ‘guilty’ soon, unless there’s a hung jury. This is a win/win situation for Trump, no matter what the verdict, but the Democrats are desperate and are only succeeding at revealing their own abject corruption.

If Trump is found innocent, the least likely option, he will look unstoppable no matter what the Democrats throw at him.

The New York biased Judge Juan Merchan may not realize that he’s giving Trump the biggest win of all no matter what the verdict. Trump had to start campaigning in a Democrat blue city and discovered the magic formula, rallies in Blue States and Blue cities. A crowd estimated to be close to 100k turned out to hear the former President speak in the Bronx.

President Trump will be president in November, no matter what the verdict is in New York City.

—The GrrrTeam

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