Wouldn’t Want To Be In Your Sneakers, Joe

Cartoon published 02/20/2024

The 2024 Presidential race is heating up—even though it’s only February. Every Soviet-style show trial verdict simply pushes Trump higher in the polls, while Joe Biden’s polls crater. The American people know a loser when they see one and the stumbling, bumbling, mumbling Joe Biden is shaping up to be the worst president in American history. He’s unfit to be president, and unfit to run for president.

Americans love a winner and Donald Trump has always been that, bouncing back and becoming stronger from every misfortune.

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On February 17, President Trump introduced his new line of signature shoes at Sneaker Con at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Pennsylvania. Trump’s high top golden sneakers sold out in just four hours after their launch. A few sneakers were autographed by Trump himself, and one pair sold at auction for an incredible $9,000.

Can you imagine anyone falling all over themselves to buy a pair of Joe Biden sneakers? No one would. President Trump is brilliant at marketing himself, and his high top ‘kicks’ are a way to appeal to the younger generation. Generation Z will never be picking up a pair of Biden blue loafers with orthopedic lifts and Velcro straps.😝

The limited edition high tops are…

…“Bold, gold, and tough, just like President Trump.”

If the shoe fits, wear it!

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Trump’s Golden Sneakers Signed Print