You’re in good hands with Deep State

Cartoon published 05/24/2024

Eisenhower tried to warn us. So did Kennedy. They knew the United States was increasingly becoming under control of secret societies and shadowy entities. They’re now confidently out in the open—it’s called The Deep State and they are in turn beholden to a cabal of central bankers, mega billionaires, and the Davos crowd. These so-called elite are not elected, but we often hear the politicians say “Our democracy.” What they really mean is “The cabal’s power.”

The three letter agencies have long been absorbed into the Deep State cabal and they do their bidding of their master. Part of their agenda is protecting their own. That’s why the CIA and FBI are doing their best to cover up the corruption of the Biden crime family while doing their best to discredit and illegally spy on Trump. The security agencies have become the muscle of the cabal. We now know Biden’s DOJ had the FBI show up at Mar-a-Lago heavily armed and possibly ready to assassinate the former president. They were dressed in golf shirts in order to take advantage of any resulting confusion. Fortunately Trump was gone at the time.

Meanwhile, we now know Hunter Biden’s benefactor, a lawyer named Kevin Morris, gave Hunter $2 million to pay his taxes. Turned out Morris is associated with the CIA. Did that money come from taxpayer funds? Maybe the mainstream media should investigate, but they won’t—they are owned by the Deep State cabal as well.

Weaponized law results in Trump getting dragged into court on bogus charges, whereas Hunter gets off from serious charges.

The DOJ under Biden is corrupt. The three letter security agencies have become hopelessly corrupt. It’s time to close them down. They are enemies of  We The People.

— Ben Garrison

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