A Tsunami of Humanity

“The border is not open, it has not been open and it will not be open subsequent to May 11,” stated Homeland Security secretary Mayorkas, certified liar and stooge.

Cartoon published 05/10/2023

Title 42 will expire on May 11th. The border policy was first put into place by the Trump administration during the plannedemic. The policy allowed illegals to be quickly expelled from the country without the option to apply for asylum. With title 42 ending in a few days a huge surge of migrants are taking up positions to surge across the US border and crash into the country. They represent a destructive tsunami of chaos.

While the United States borders buckle and bend under a flood of immigrants from all over the world, Joe Biden’s criminal government announced another $1.2 billion to help fund the Ukraine war effort. The US will not spare money to finish the border wall here at home but it will send billions of dollars to a corrupt Zelenskyyyy to protect the borders of Ukraine.

Biden is determined to turn America into a third world country with third world diseases, crime, and much lowered educational standards.  A surge of violent and uneducated illegals carrying disease are features, not a glitch.

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Sure, there are some good people coming in among them, but they are still illegal. They all break our immigration law. Mostly other countries are emptying their prisons and mental hospitals. They are sending their rubbish to the US border. What other country allows this? Billions would come here if they could and we will allow them all in? Biden wants them to receive free medical care, education, and welfare. Heck, don’t be surprised if Biden wants to pay some of them reparations.

Only in the USA. Why?

Because the communist Democrats and the Deep State Swamp cabal want to destroy America from within. What better way to achieve that goal than to cause chaos and spread disease and eat away at the American culture of liberty—and especially Christianity. Look for Biden to begin calling anyone who objects to the invasion ‘racist.’ Oh wait, they already do that.

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Prepare for the worst. Stay out of the big blue cities and carry to protect yourself. The people coming here do not respect or love America, they want it destroyed and turned into a third world sh*t hole they can relate to. We might even have invading Chinese nationals here to commit espionage.

It is essential that President Trump is re-elected to a second term so he can finish building the wall and deport all the illegals and criminals that rushed into our country during the Biden Regime. Trump must hold the communist Democrats accountable for all the crimes of treason they have committed. It’s time to take our country back.

BREAKING: According to ‘internal documents’ seen only by CBS News (so who knows), the Biden administration is bringing back a Trump-era rule in a “major pivot” to help facilitate swift deportations of migrants who enter the United States illegally after the Title 42 pandemic-era emergency policy sunsets on Thursday h/t ZeroHedge

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