“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

I didn’t find out until a few days ago, but it was decided that June is now “LGBT Pride Month.”

They left the “Q” out. Maybe they thought people would confuse it with Q Anon. More likely, it stands for the word ‘Queer,’ which seems to repeat ‘Gay’ in their lineup, so maybe they (whoever they are) thought that letter was unnecessary. The L seems superfluous, too. Aren’t lesbians also ‘gay?’ The ‘B’ stands for ‘Bisexual,’ but we rarely hear much about their plight, if they even have any plight. I don’t wish any plight on any of them. Lesbian, gay, bi, or trans, I don’t hate them or wish any harm to come their way.

I really don’t care what a person’s sexual orientation may be. As long as they’re adults and not harming anyone, it’s their own business. That said, I don’t think anyone should take ‘pride’ in their sexual proclivities no matter what their initial may be—heterosexuals included. What’s to be proud about? All human beings have sexual urges—that’s why there are so many of us. Is it an accomplishment worthy of award? I don’t get it. I’d rather everyone simply mind their own sexual business and leave everyone else alone.

Instead, we see gay people and trans-whatever strutting down the street flaunting the pride they have in whatever sexual conduct in which they may be engaging. I don’t want to watch such a display. I especially don’t want anyone forcing me to applaud them.

Those that don’t applaud could face the usual name calling: “Bigot!” “Homophobe!” “Nazi!” and so forth.

There is no letter standing for heterosexuals, nor do they have a stripe in the rainbow flag. That’s not very ‘inclusive,’ is it? There is no ‘Heterosexual Pride Month’ or ‘Family Pride Month.’ No, they don’t want that. They especially don’t like what Christians have to say about it—just look that the harsh treatment doled out to Vice President Pence. Such people are referred to as being “CIS”— people who aren’t transitioning to the opposite sex. As if not being gay or a trans is somehow strange. I can never remember what CIS even stands for—and I’m tired of sorting it all out. I shouldn’t have to sort it out. I remember a time when there were only males and females. Today, people can be whatever they want. Or so they imagine.


If a man wants to be a woman and insists it’s possible, I’m not going to argue with him. He’s free to think whatever he likes, and dress up however he likes–but when his delusion is backed up by corporate and social media, the schools, and other ‘authorities,’ it becomes concerning. They are all now going along with this so-called ‘gender reassignment’ meme, as if a man really could transition into a woman. It’s not possible. They may be able to mutilate a man or give him hormones that will make him look more effeminate, but every cell in his body will still contain a Y chromosome. His dreams, wishes, and feelings on the matter do not dictate reality, even though that reality may be seen as too harsh–thus necessitating the protection of said feelings.

There is no such thing as ‘transgender.’ It’s a physical impossibility, but pesky reality gets ignored. Instead way too many are now participating in a mass delusion of sorts, because protecting feelings has become imperative. If someone points out the delusion, they may face a barrage of ugly name-calling. They could be kicked out of college or lose their job. Fear thus protects the delusion. Posting the word ’tranny’ instead of ’trans’ can get one banned for a while on Facebook. Who decides what words and pronouns are acceptable? Is the English language is also transitioning.

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Now we see drag queens giving readings to small children at school libraries. The same people who brought us LGBT Pride Month also want to see all sorts of sexual stuff taught to young children. I’d rather they learn the three Rs and keep their innocence. I’ve also read too many stories about parents who give their children hormones to help them ‘trans’ into the opposite sex. This is child abuse. We all know boys and girls go through phases. A phase does not mean they’re ‘trans,’ but now some parents won’t even acknowledge a baby’s sex—they’d rather let them grow up and ‘choose’ their own sex. This is also abuse—and insanity.

Even the left-leaning Pope came out against this nonsense. For once, we should listen to him.

—Ben Garrison

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