Biden Burnout, Trump Runs Circles over Joe

Cartoon published 06/17/2024

Biden is on the way out. He has become a slow-walking embarrassment. 

The disastrous G7 conference confirmed that Joe Biden is not fit for office. The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to corral the “Meanderer in Chief” during a skydiving demonstration. Maybe Joe was wandering off in search of an ice cream cone—no one really knows at this point.

The recent Hollywood fundraiser, an event to try and raise enthusiasm and money for Biden’s campaign, ended with former President Obama having to steer Joe off the stage. Biden was standing stiff and confused. Joe didn’t have stage fright,  but rather stage 3 dementia.

Former President Obama grabs President Biden by the arm during fundraiser on 06/15/2024

They can’t hide it anymore, and now it seems they don’t want to. Plans for Joe Biden’s replacement have been in place for a while now. The latest talking point dropped and controlled opposition Fox News was quick to regurgitate it:

“Biden and Trump are both too old to be president and they are both showing signs of cognitive decline. Both candidates should drop out.”

Everyone knows Biden is unfit for office—he can barely talk and he can barely walk. Trump holds rallies and speaking events across the country. Biden needs 10 days at Camp David to prepare for the first debate on June 27th. Trump keeps on going like the energizer bunny. Saying Trump is showing signs of mental decline like Joe is just wishful gaslighting.

The rules for the debate do not favor Joe Biden.

No notecards or pens and paper.

No contact with campaign staff for 90 minutes.

Will Joe be able to stand for 90 minutes without falling down?

It’s almost as if Biden’s Marxist handlers are setting up Joe for the fall. Biden’s performance will have Democrats turning on Joe while demanding that he drop out, “For the sake of our democracy!”

Democrats knew Biden has had cognitive issues from the very beginning, but they expected him to last only one term. Dementia Joe wants the full monty, perhaps because he lacks the self-awareness to realize he’s completely unfit for a second term. Joe’s operatives now face a dilemma while Trump runs circles over Biden.

Elections have consequences and we are all suffering under the consequences of a fraudulent 2020 election.

If we want to save the Republic, there is only one choice, Trump 2024.  Pedal to the metal.

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—The GrrrTeam

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