Biden’s Bridge To The Future

Cartoon published  03/27/2024

The cargo ship that hit the bridge in Baltimore lost propulsion at the worst time. Despite having local and expert pilots aboard who knew the waters well, the ship crashed into a bridge support and the entire thing came crashing down. At first I thought it might be a terror attack—maybe even a false flag. After all, Robert Kennedy Jr. was to announce his running mate. Biden’s team knows RFK Jr. will take more votes away from Joe than Trump. Maybe they planned a distraction. Or perhaps the crash was a way to pull eyes away from the launch of Trump’s stock—with the ticker of DJT. It flew up on Tuesday on its first day of trading and added several billion dollars more to Trump’s coffers. So much for Biden’s joke about Trump being ‘broke.’

Some people are saying it was most likely an accident and not a conspiracy. After all, accidents happen. Yet the same people saying it was an accident are the same people that said the covid vaccine was ‘safe and effective’ and Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. This is a developing story so we will have to wait for more details.

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Speaking of colossal collapses, what Joe Biden has done to America is no accident. As captain of the Ship of State, Joe has intentionally and consistently steered our country toward damage and dire consequences. Joe is and always has been a disaster. Even Barack Obama said it: “Leave it to Joe to screw things up.” I’m paraphrasing, but Joe has screwed things up—and the falling bridge in Baltimore is symbolic of the havoc wreaked by Biden’s policies.


Leftist politicians often like to talk symbolically about ‘the bridge to the future.’ The Clintons promised such a bridge. They’re always looking toward the future and condemning conservatives for clinging bitterly to the past. Joe Biden doesn’t have much future left. At his age he may not last out his term, let alone four more years. Joe should be looking not to the future, but rather for his next pudding cup or ice cream cone in a nursing home.

For Biden to even talk about the future is a bridge too far. After all, he can’t build a border wall—how can he build a bridge?

— Ben Garrison

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