Let the Sunshine in

Cartoon published 04/08/2024

With RFK Jr. in the presidential race, Joe Biden’s polls are getting darker.

Ross Perot despised George H.W. Bush and ran against him for president in 1992. He gathered a great many votes (including mine), which hurt Bush and helped Clinton get elected.

Now we have a Democrat candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and he could quite possibly ensure Biden’s defeat. 

Despite RFK Jr.’s personal baggage, he has a running mate who could combine her vast wealth with his and thus pose a viable threat to Biden. Kennedy is attractive to Independent and traditional Democrat voters who are weary of Biden’s far-left destruction and craziness.


I admire RFK Jr. for speaking out against Big Pharma corruption. His scholarly work was met with disdain from the Deep State Swamp, but he has been proven right. He is also right about many other issues. He doesn’t align with the war mongers in the Democrat Party. He’s against the destruction of the environment. He’s against nuclear energy, which is far more expensive and dangerous than advocates want to admit. A terrorist attack, an earthquake, tsunami. flood, meteorite, or failure from sheer age could spell disaster. Nuclear waste is a perpetual problem. For those who insist it’s safe, simply remind them of Chernobyl and Fukushima.

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Kennedy is concerned about corruption involved with voting. He also knows Allen Dulles helped murder his uncle. He wants to break up the rogue CIA. No other candidate is saying that, but it’s vital that it occur. Of course, I think we should also end the immoral Federal Reserve and the well-armed IRS.

Kennedy is a far better choice than Biden, but Kennedy is still a progressive Democrat who is all in on the climate change hoax and reparations. He doesn’t stand a chance against President Trump and his function as a spoiler for Biden is good news for MAGA.

— GrrrTeam

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