Biden Lays An Egg; Trans Easter Insanity

Cartoon Published 03/31/2024

President Biden chose March 31st, Easter Sunday, to proclaim as the “Transgender Day Of Visibility.”  Biden had 364 days out of the year to choose from and he chose March 31st which happened to be the same day as Easter this year.

This was intentional and it’s another attack on Christians by the Biden Marxist regime. Joe himself doesn’t much care about anything except his next pudding cup and ice cream. Attacking Christmas wasn’t enough for the Communist Democrats—they also want to destroy the holiest day in Christianity.

This is beyond right vs. left and Democrats vs.Republicans. This is spiritual warfare—good vs. evil. One side worships Jesus, celebrates Easter, and honors our fallen. The other side worships Satan, celebrates perversion and abortion, and honors criminals. America must choose wisely by choosing ‘good’ in the November election.

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Sen. Tommy Tuberville weighed in on why the Biden administration banned religious images in the White House Easter egg art contest, “Because the Democrats are a Satanic cult.” It’s sure looking that way.

Trans visibility date should be on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, as only a fool would think that one could change their sex by mere wishful thinking or by genital mutilation. A man will never be a real women because he has XY chromosomes that say he is a man. Nothing will change that.

Many hospitals are all too happy to lop off breasts or a penis and send taxpayers the bill. Like Covid, it’s a giant scam being perpetuated by taking advantage of gender confused people. The Biden regime sees trans people and illegal aliens as a first status priority. Citizens are second. Christians are last. Women and black people are also pushed to the curb. It’s an election year and Biden is pandering to the hard left by fawning over the alphabet people.

Christians were united in their outrage over the proclamation of Trans Day over Easter. The Trump campaign weighed in and called for Biden to apologize to Christians, but you know Joe won’t. This is a predominantly Christian nation and Joe’s obvious blasphemy will cost him many votes.

We must keep fighting back and not comply with the insanity being spewed from the White House—especially when it concerns children. Keep them away from the Trans Easter Bunny. You don’t want to find those ‘eggs.’

Happy Easter—Stay tooned for our annual Easter message!

—The GrrrTeam

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