No More Money To Ukraine!

Cartoon Published 04/25/2024

Thanks to Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson cravenly caving to the Democrats, Congress has passed a $95 billion foreign aid package—$61 billion will go to the meat grinder in the corrupt and contemptible country of Ukraine.

Part of that money will go into corrupt hands both here and in Ukraine. It is said Zelensky has skimmed $400 million and his operatives have no doubt stolen commensurate amounts. A lot of the money will be funneled into the US Military Industrial Complex, which will kickback campaign money to the politicians who voted for the travesty.


The money could have gone toward fixing our wide open southern border several times over. It could have been used to build badly-needed infrastructure here at home, or help halt the rise in crime, homelessness, and suffering. Instead it will go toward war and perpetuate suffering in Ukraine. US citizens will pay for it with higher inflation. Ukraine’s debt will be forgiven. No auditing is necessary—of course not. That would interfere with the corruption.

Ukraine has now received a total of nearly $200 billion from the US, even though we are in over $34 trillion in debt and theoretically there is no money to give. Thanks to a debt money printing press that endlessly chatters ‘brrrrr,’ Congress is able to spend us into an even bigger oblivion.

The final traitorous insult occurred when many ‘representatives’ waved Ukrainian flags and chanted “Ukraine! Ukraine!” after the aid package was passed. Perhaps they were celebrating Ukraine corruption as well as their own.

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I was very surprised when Trump invited Johnson to Mar-a-Lago a few weeks ago. The foreign aid package was a slap in the face to all of us MAGA minded, but Trump praised Johnson and apparently his influenced helped solidify his speakership. There are no longer enough votes to remove him—and the Democrats have promised to vote for him to keep him there. The Uni-Party is now more unified, thanks to Trump. Marjorie Taylor Greene had to be very disappointed that a motion to vacate Johnson will not work. The Democrat legacy media praised Johnson for taming Trump, who called Johnson a “good person.” The lefty media also compared Johnson with Pence—for doing the right thing. A Republican being a backstabber who caves to the left draws praise from The New York Times. 

Johnson also championed a bill that renews FISA, which allows the corrupt security agencies to spy on all Americans without a warrant. This is necessary to quell any rebellion as Americans continue to be converted into slaves while our uni-party government morphs into something resembling the Chinese Communist Party.

Ron Paul vigorously denounced Johnson in a video on X.

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is reported to have bragged to his colleagues about how easily Speaker Johnson gave Democrats everything they wanted and asked for nothing in return.” “In the worst example of bipartisanship, Johnson reached across the aisle, stiffed the Republican majority that elected him speaker, and pushed through a massive gift to the warfare corporate welfare state. After the House voted to send another $60 billion to notoriously corrupt Ukraine, members waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor and chanted, ‘Ukraine! Ukraine!’ While I find it distasteful and disgusting, in some ways, it seemed fitting.”

Trump should have denounced Johnson as well. Instead he is supporting him for reasons that are unfathomable to the MAGA minded. Is he doing this to help get himself reelected? Is he playing 4-D chess? Who knows—I only know that I agree Ron Paul—and his son Rand.

Trump should have invited Ron Paul to Mar-a-Lago instead. I enjoy drawing Trump in a positive light, but when he disappoints I will not pull any cartoon punches. This was a big disappointment.

Grrrgraphics supports President Trump and thinks he is the only choice if we want to save the Republic. But MAGA is not a cult and we are free to point out missteps that affect us all.

— Ben Garrison

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