Hey Speaker Johnson, You Are Following the wrong guy!

Cartoon published 04/22/2024

The metamorphosis of House Speaker Mike Johnson was as swift as it was shocking. We thought Johnson was MAGA-minded and we even drew a cartoon to support him. Little did we know…

The latest Republican Speaker of the House has since dashed our hopes by aligning with Democrats. He pushed legislation calling for an additional $60 billion to be sent to the corrupt Zelensky and crew. Ukraine’s borders must be protected while our own border remains wide open. American citizens will pay for it by means of inflation. The money that will go to Ukraine (and skimmed by the twerp Zelensky) could have been spent on rebuilding America’s infrastructure. We need a new bridge in Baltimore along with new (non-racist) roads and bridges. Instead the money is wasted perpetuating a meat grinder while Ukrainian flags are waved in Congress. They are traitors.


The satanic globalists want Putin taken out and they will spend endless money and pull strings and waste lives to do it. The US should have no interest in Ukraine, but Johnson has been swallowed up the RINO-infested Uniparty. He is now doing the bidding of those very same satanic globalists. The war is NOT something Jesus would support, but apparently Johnson doesn’t follow Jesus when it’s not convenient.

We may as well have the socialist Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker…or even Nancy Pelosi. Johnson will be difficult to remove because he now has Democrat support. 

Johnson loves to wave his Bible at us and claim a deep affinity for Jesus. So does Mike Pence. That’s fine, but isn’t it funny how two of the supposedly most religious men in politics also turned out to be the two biggest backstabbers? They may love Jesus, but they act more like Judas. Over two thirds of the country oppose giving more money to Ukraine, yet it happens anyway.

So much for democracy. 

— Ben Garrison

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