Wisconsin Scrapes Off The Zuckbucks

Cartoon published 04/04/2024

Wisconsin voters stepped up and banned private funding for election administration in their state. They’ve joined many other states that have done the same thing. In other words, some progress has been made to prevent the widespread election fraud we saw in 2020. 

Billionaires are working hard to influence and mold the USA to fit  their globalist-minded agendas. Soros loves to destroy. He funds the elections of far-left district attorneys. He wants to destroy America by allowing crime without punishment. Bill Gates funds vaccines that poison and kill millions. He wants population reduction.

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Mark Zuckerberg, a close friend of President Xi from Communist China, wants to influence elections. He sends millions of dollars to key states. The money goes into the pockets of functionaries who do his bidding. Mules, paid by Zuckerberg, conduct ballot harvesting—all votes for Biden and none for Trump. Dead people vote. The incapacitated and uninterested vote. Some people vote multiple times—and all for the candidate Zuckerberg wants in the White House — Joe Biden. He succeed last time. We saw how Trump had a substantial lead in key states and then suddenly voting dumps occurred in the middle of the night with as many Biden votes as necessary.

Zuckerberg must be thwarted this time. The arrogant billionaire needs to be stepped on, but it’s better if he’s simply prevented from using his vast fortune to purchase another election.

Banning Zuck is a good start. Now we need to get rid of all the election machines. 

—Ben Garrison

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