“Why I oughta…”

Cartoon published 03/29/2024

President Trump attended the wake of New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller, who was gunned down while on duty. Trump also took the time to visit and console his family and made a large donation to Tunnels and Towers so they could pay off the family’s mortgage.

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Biden didn’t attend the wake which is no surprise considering how he insulted the family Laken Riley, who was murdered by one of Biden’s illegal immigrants. Oh sure, Joe would go if forced to do so by his handlers, but they know he would bungle it in some way. He’d probably again look at his watch in boredom. Trump sincerely cares about the country and the people who are suffering due to Biden and the Democrat Party’s destructive acts, and the murder of a policeman is just  another example of rampant crime in New York. Such crime is even encouraged by ‘woke’ Democrat legislation that goes easy on the criminals. It has created a ‘do anything you want and get away with it’ mindset. 

While Trump was at the wake, Biden was attending a fundraiser along with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Trump’s campaign spokesman called them ‘the three stooges.’ This is coincidental because I actually drew a rough sketch featuring Biden along with Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer as the three stooges. My sketch showed Trump knocking all their heads together and calling them ‘knuckleheads.’ Tina liked it but I didn’t finish it. Then when I read the quote about the stooges I decided to go ahead and see it through to a final cartoon—with a couple of changes.

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On a political message board, I remember reading a post by someone with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). He claimed Trump only wanted to be president to ‘enrich himself.’ This is nonsense of course. Trump was already ‘enriched’ long before he ran for president and fact he donated his presidential salary to charity. (Democrats never, ever mention this fact). The ones who are enriching themselves are career politicians and grifters such as Clinton, Obama, and Biden. All of them are now multi-millionaires with several mansions thanks to their time spent in office. President Truman once said,

“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.” 

Political office produces a lot of crooks these days, and three of them were at the exclusive fundraiser to help put Biden back in the White House when he should be put in a nursing home. The money pours in from the globalist 1 percent and Hollywood crowd not because they love Biden, but because they despise Trump.

Regardless, expect Biden to be rolling in even more dough while biased persecutors, er, prosecutors are using lawfare to impoverish Trump—or even send him to prison.

Character is on display, and Trump is the one who is showing that he has it. The Democrats only care about themselves and their own power and wallet. 

— Ben Garrison

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