Is Free Speech Too Dangerous? Keep Your Safety on!

Cartoon published APRIL FOOLS DAY, 2024

My dad made sure we learned the safety rules before any of us kids could shoot his rifles at a shooting range. I remember firing his Winchester .308, which was pre-1964—meaning it was manufactured before those rifles were totally machine made. It provided quite a kick to my 10 year-old shoulder. When my son was old enough I taught him those same gun safety rules before taking him out to target practice. I’m more of a fisherman than hunter, but my firearms are precious to me and I treat them responsibly.

Free speech should be handled with equal responsibility. There are many out there who consider themselves to be free speech ‘absolutists.’ I’m not one of those guys.

We must immediately obey the ‘official’ narrative and shut up for fear of getting booted from social media or even get sued for millions of dollars. We must not spread ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation.’ Only the authorities are allowed to do that—they are allowed to spew lies and propaganda because it was made legal for government use under Barack Obama. They just don’t want us peasants doing it.


The lesson here is this: Don’t go off half-cocked. We must refrain from shooting from the lip. Think before posting. We should rebuke the deeds of the Globalists, Marxists, Big Pharma, Legacy Media Liars, and Central Bankers without targeting their race, religion, or creed. Aim your speech carefully. Do not randomly go firing off hate speech, even though it’s legal in America. It’s OK to hate Biden and his ugly policies, but avoid death threats, defamation, slander, and libel. Don’t provide ammo to authoritarians who will leverage ‘hate speech’ as a means to end free speech.

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Maybe we should even turn the other cheek when attacked by woke Marxists and snowflakes. When they go low, we go high. Don’t go shooting off your mouth! Remain quiescent when they disrespect you. Don’t hurt them with free speech microaggressions!    Always remember to flip on your free speech safety switch! 

Well, it’s becoming obvious now…April Fools!

— Ben Garrison

Happy April Fools Day From GrrrGraphics! Did We Get You?

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